The Suncoat Story

Suncoat natural nail polishes come from Canada – the beautiful idea of a Mum who also happens to be a chemist with a background in polymer chemistry and organic chemistry. She was determined to develop a safe, non-toxic range of nail colours for her daughters and herself, so they could have fun and look glamorous without worry.

Starting from the gorgeous belief that “fun and toxic chemicals don’t belong in the same sentence”, the Suncoat and Suncoatgirl ranges were born. 

Each nail polish is water-based, blending nature with natural ingenuity to create vegan-friendly, mineral based colours that give a professional finish without any of the usual nasty ingredients.  

The colours are not only glamorous, they’re also easy to apply and remove, anywhere – safely, quickly and without any powerful, smelly and potentially toxic solvents used in other nail products. 


All products are formulated and produced in Suncoat’s own facilities at Guelph, Ontario, Canada.