June 29, 2016

Your organic make-up

Your organic make-up


It may sound strange coming from a business that offers organic beauty products, but beauty is not skin deep.

In fact, I can’t think of a more beautiful, natural and organic concept than the idea of beauty coming from within. And I don’t just mean ‘drink more water’, or ’eat well and exercise’; I mean ‘you are what you do’.

We are all part of the human race, the animal kingdom, the natural world, and the Earth’s ecosystem. In other words, we are organically connected to the world around us. We’re part of it’s make-up, and it’s part of ours. 

So by treating our world beautifully, we can only make ourselves more beautiful too.

Give your inner beauty a radiant glow

I love the idea of random acts of kindness. Of course, it makes sense to be kind all the time, but seizing the chance to really make someone’s day is truly wonderful. By positively touching another person’s life, you seem to connect with a universal source of energy. Even if the deed is small, the warmth that flows from it will make you feel taller, brace your shoulders, and give your inner beauty a radiant glow.

The true beauty of our Naturalmente products is that they have committed themselves to kindness in everything they do. By saying no to petrochemicals, synthetics, formaldehydes, EDTA and other common nasties, Naturalmente brings a wealth of kindness to the natural world – and your bathroom cabinet.

Kind and generous

Nature is so kind and generous. Organic choices let us enjoy the rewards of being kind and generous in return.

So, beautiful as they are, Naturalmente’s organic cosmetics and skincare products aren’t just a natural way to make yourself more beautiful – they’re a frame for your own natural beauty.

Reblogged from our April 2016 Newsletter.
Photo by Matteo Paciotti | flickr.com CC BY 2.0 

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I have tried so many of these things and I am not seeing the results advertised. Any suggestions?

Karen Sullivan

March 17, 2017

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