December 04, 2016

My Ecoluxe Christmas Wishlist

My Ecoluxe Christmas Wishlist


Running an ecoluxe beauty company means I have access to some fabulous products year round. But there are always going to be some items that we don’t stock that I lust after.

This year I thought I’d share with you some of my conscious-living favourites.

1. Suncoat water-based peelable nail polish, $10

We came across this Canadian brand who specialise in making water-based, non-toxic, odourless nail polish that is safe for everybody including children. Made in two formulas – traditional and peelable, they avoid the hormone-disrupting chemicals in both the polish and the remover. Bringing back the fun to nail colours without the worry. And $10 for a natural nail polish is a bargain so stuff that stocking!

 2. One Seed Natural Perfumes, from $15

This Adelaide-based company has been on our radar for a while. In fact they blended a perfume for my Mother’s birthday a few years ago! Using only the best natural oils and scents they create each blend with love and talent. Choose from their wardrobe of scents or have them blend your own special perfume from the Scent Bar option. Just select up to five natural extracts and they will blend them into a one of a kind perfume for you. Imagine walking into Christmas lunch wearing your own signature scent!

 3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $599

Ok, so this might be more at the luxurious end of the scale. But I know a few people with this amazing hair dryer and their hair is always super shiny and healthy looking. And they tell me it’s the hair dryer!

Dyson are fantastic at looking at what is and how it can be done better. Not content with improving on what has always been, they strip the idea back to the core and rebuild it to do the job faster and better. With sensors that monitor the heat of the air, no grill for the dust and hair to be trapped and fewer moving parts to break down this is probably going to be the last hair dryer you ever need to buy. Eco friendly and investment buying at its best.

4. Cross Classic Century Fountain Pen, $79.95

Another investment gift is this Fountain Pen made by Cross. I’ve been working on improving my handwriting this year, which means I’ve gone back to basics and been writing like a primary school child! While I may never have the stunning script I dream of, my writing is evolving into something I feel really reflects me – flaws and all. And a fountain pen might just be the tool that takes it to the next level.

This pen has a Lifetime Guarantee so you may never need to buy another disposable pen! Given that every plastic disposable pen that has ever been made is still existing in landfill somewhere it seems that the most environmentally responsible choice is something that is going to last – and you might as well enjoy using it at the same time.

5. Wildfire Organic Tea, $14.50

With a beautiful range of hand blended organic tea, Wildfire Organic Tea can make any day a bit more special. Created on South Australia’s beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula they use the best ingredients to make something special.

As an Earl Grey lover I particularly like the look of Earl Grey’s Garden – so pretty to look at that it must be delicious to drink. Or perhaps the Ginger Ninja would be the perfect post-Christmas lunch digestive aid. Filled with lemongrass, ginger, lemon peel and hops flowers it sounds like it would soothe and calm if you’ve over done it.

6. Fede Baby Toys & cushions, from $18

While there are no babies at our house any more, there are still plenty of little ones around us. This Christmas we’ll welcome two new baby girls into our extended family and these toys from Fede would be a lovely gift. Handmade from vintage fabrics these unique baby rattles and cushions embrace the ecoluxe aesthetic for your little one, right from the start.

That’s what I’m wishing for. How about you? If you have any ecoluxe wishes share them so we all know what to add to our list for next year.



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