July 18, 2016

Loving winter

Loving winter

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 While winter can look quite barren to us surface dwellers, it’s actually an incredibly inspiring time – and it makes sense for us to be led by nature’s example.

Now I miss bright flowers, fruit fresh and evenings on the beach as much as anyone. But summer’s intensity can get pretty tiring. Nature puts all of her energy into the warmer months, and we can’t get enough of it.

Winter is her chance to chill out (literally!); to replenish, repair, and prepare for the activity that will burst forth with Spring.

In places with winter snow, that’s taken to an even deeper level as the earth is blanketed with precious moisture to convert into next summer’s bounty. Some plants, like berries and bulbs, simply won’t bloom without the preparatory pause of a deep chill.

We should be so clever!

Nature has given us the time and the example – and so it makes perfect sense for us to rest, replenish, repair and prepare in winter too.

What could be more perfect for indulging your skin than a whole season of long evenings when you want to stay home anyway? You can treat yourself to a relaxing and comprehensive ‘beauty night’ or two, or plan a season-long regime to have your skin cleansed, toned, nourished, moisturised and energised for the sun, wind and salt water ahead. 

By all means add a warm fire and even warmer friendships to the occasion. Which naturally calls for your favourite red wine as well, or at least a modest share of rich, dark chocolate. Purely for its natural benefits, of course! 

Now you’re adding the uplifting effects of social connection as well; proving that laughter really is the best medicine – for modern living and winter blues.  

In fact, you’ll be wishing winter could last a little longer. And you’ll be ready to face summer in a more beautiful, natural way.

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