December 16, 2017

How I went from being the ‘no fun’ mum to being the coolest mum around (Hint: non-toxic nail polish)

How I went from being the ‘no fun’ mum to being the coolest mum around (Hint: non-toxic nail polish)

I use to think it was fun and harmless to let my kids paint their nails. We even had a tradition that on the first day of school holidays they could paint their nails. I’d paint their nails and then they’d (kinda) do mine. 

So cute …and I bet you’re wondering how could this possibly go wrong?

Well, by accident I discovered what was in conventional nail polish and decided I couldn’t let my kids use it any more. The toxic combination of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, and what some of those ingredients could potentially do to my growing children’s endocrine system, was enough to scare me into banning the stuff. 

Overnight I became the ‘no fun’ mum. At the time my daughter was so cross and couldn’t really understand why I said No. And I get it. I didn’t want to lose that precious bonding time and fun we had together either – or stop her from exploring what it felt like to play at being an adult.

So I searched for an alternative. As an owner of an organic beauty business I thought I’d have an advantage in finding a better solution. But I still ended up in a quagmire of confusing information and products that didn’t do what I wanted them to do. Did I want 5-free, 8-free, 10-free nail polish? I wasn’t sure.

And then I found Suncoat. Developed by another Mum who happened to be a chemical engineer and was also concerned about what her daughters were using, Suncoat is one of the safest nail polishes out there. If you want to know more have a look at their story here.

So now Mother/Daughter manicures are back on the school holiday list. (My son’s decided they’re not for him any more 😥.) In fact my daughter just did some chores in return for a new nail colour. I’d say that’s a win/win. And perhaps she thinks I’m just a little bit cooler 😉

The Suncoat gift packs make GREAT presents. Have a look here if you’ve got a present-giving occasion coming up and you don’t know what to give them.

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